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About us

We have founded Exprom ltd in 2006 and have successfully finished many projects. We are able to cover projects in classic energetics, chemistry and petrochemistry. Our main activity is designing of electrical systems, industrial control systems, systems for measurement and regulation (I&C) etc.

We have to be very careful as we work in nonstandard environment with danger of explosive dust, gas explosions and explosives. Due to these working conditions it is crucial to know and apply many norms, regulations, rules and take part in many trainings and seminars.

We feel home in these environments, where chemicals are processed, coal mined or high temperatures and pressures are worked with. All this requires very careful approach and repeated key processes control. We pay attention to end product's high quality and therefore we perform series of targeted controls.

We emphasize high quality and keeping the deadlines, individual approach to each contract and nonstop designers' training.



Main of our business is designing of projects documentations for construction (detail design). Team of in house specialists and long term external workers has been established, profiled throughout all electro profesin.

Such as these vocational parts:

  • automation control systems on base of PLC, DCS or industrial PC 
  • systems for measurement and regulation 
  • feeding and operational distribution of power current low voltage 0,4 / 0,69kV 
  • earthing, bonding
  • lighting, electronic safety and fire systems 
  • central and inside light-current distributions 
  • high voltage (6, 22, 35, 110kV)

We are completely independent,as we are not influenced by any commissional contracts with suppliers or manufacturers, therefore we can independently recommend projected (designed) technologies and fulfill customers wishes or advise the most effective and fine solutions due to our experience. In the field of automatisation of manufacturing processes our employees have long-standing experience with designing/projecting and setting industrial controlling systems (PLC, DCS) of most world known manufacturers.

We often deal in these industrial sector/branch with our partners:

  • power engineering
  • chemistry, petrochemistry, heavy industry
  • pharmacy, food industry
  • traffic control systems
  • industrial machines

We use many modern and fully databased SW. We own following licenses, incl. maintenance service, including free upgrades and full access to technical support, up-to-date library of symbols and database elements.

  • AUCOPLAN Complete
  • EPLAN P8 Professional
  • AutoCAD LT (2D)



Eventhou most of our projects are detail desing we more and more often take part in processing of documents and studies, that precede realization phase. Such as these:

  • consulting about the suitable technology selection 
  • outsourcing
  • valuation of investment costs
  • co-ordination of incidental design working
  • technical help during the project realizations
  • author’s and engineering supervision

Within larger constructions, where it is necessary to provide complex project documentation, we are able to guarantee (arrange), due to our external co-workers and partnerships, the turnkey project.

  • steam / warm / hot water piping and heating systems
  • steel and concrete constructions incl. strength and/or static calculations
  • civil structures
  • industrial cooling including piping systems
  • air-conditioning equipments
  • operational (manufacturing) plants, pipeline distributions


Our projects

Through years of experience we reached a very important discovery. Power is in partnership and team work! Sharing technologies and gained know-how ,among ourselves and with our partners/clients is as natural as a handshake instead of vast contracts or agreements.

Also not to be afraid to ask, if you do not understand anything, or confess to a mistake - that is on both sides, welcomed sign, that designer and also investor have a joint interest – masterpiece!

Mutual trust between designer and investor is easily spotted in quality of executed work and also in approach to problem solving, that are inevitable. We are at virtually hundred projects' inceptions of investment and maintenance each year with our partners.

The most interesting ones are available on the Czech web version.

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